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Stay at Home Mom and College Dreams: Are They Compatible?

My beautiful baby.

When I first wrote my blog “A Little Thing Called Motherhood”, my focus was all on my daughter Margie. She was extremely high maintenance and I was honestly exhausted. Throughout that time I couldn’t help but ponder where I would be in five years. Would I marry her father? Would I ever move out of my parents house? Would I get a job? Most importantly, would I ever pursue my dream of going to college?

They were definitely overwhelming questions. I felt defeated. But through much prayer and thought, I finally did marry her dad (the love of my life), he and I did move out, I figured out that I didn’t want to be a working mom just yet, and I am in the process of enrolling in an online university. I am doing what I had planned on doing a couple years ago; I am pursuing my dream of going to school for higher education, getting all the scholarships and grants I can get, and actually wanting to do it.

Experiencing what I have at a time in my life when I only thought that I was going to be on my own in a dorm room at a private Christian college with plenty of friends to socialize with is incredible. I am thankful for all I have learned from my job as a mom. I have learned to be: patient, assertive, caring (for myself and others), disciplined, and most importantly I came to discover my true calling. I want to pursue psychology in school and greatest of all; I am going to work with children and new parents. You see when I was just any old high school student planning to go to college, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to be. I had thought about being a counselor for teens, a journalist, and even something as far from my character as pharmacy tech. Lucky for me that my life lead me to the point I’m at now. It’s amazing just to think that if I hadn’t become a mom that I would have gone through years of my life pondering and stressing over what I would want to study.

As I conceived this blog topic, I couldn’t help but wonder if there are any other stay at home moms who are also longing to follow their lifelong dream of going to college and perhaps wanting to be a role model for their child or children. Does anyone feel the same way as I do?